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InDrive Challenge: Run at YourPace

Unifying Teams and Enhancing Wellness Across the Globe with Innovative Digital Tools
Stayf has been a game-changer for InDrive. The wellbeing project increased physical activity, fostered unity, and improved our company atmosphere. Converting kilometers into charitable donations added meaningful impact.
Alexa Bart
Wellbeing Manager

The Challenge

A large distributed team, whose employees speak different languages and have diverse cultural and historical backgrounds, is a challenge in itself.
Organizing events to unite such a diverse team is a double challenge. It’s crucial to create something that is understandable for everyone, accessible for participation, and easy to implement. 
However, our experience with InDrive, an international passenger transportation service, has shown that Stayf’s digital tools enable the implementation of wellbeing programs across an unlimited number of locations.

The Solution

The company has been running the Run Challenge for several years, in which its employees participate. This was chosen as the starting point for the project’s concept. It was decided to launch a well-being program in preparation for this marathon, making it an online run to include all employees, regardless of location and fitness level.
The well-being project lasted 100 days. Participants could either do regular running workouts or set a goal to run a specific marathon or half-marathon distance. Winners and prize-winners were selected based on results from the Stayf app (training frequency, number of kilometers run), as well as their half-marathon and marathon race results.
Another feature of the project was its charitable focus. All kilometers were converted into money and transferred to charity.

The Results

In the first four weeks of the project, participant activity increased by 60%, and 63% of connected employees took part in the challenges. On average, each participant completed 16 workouts during the project, with an average run distance of 7 km.
The project results:
  • Successfully united the team around common corporate values
  • Engaged employees in a healthy lifestyle
  • Enhanced the sports popularization program
  • Supported the company’s social initiatives
All challenge participants received diplomas, while the most dedicated were awarded tickets to the Istanbul Marathon. Through this initiative, InDrive employees got to know each other better, fostering a positive atmosphere. As a result, many work issues were resolved more quickly and efficiently.

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