How It Works

App for All Devices

Works on all devices and is released in all app stores: Apple, Google, and Huawei.
  • All types of wearable sports devices can be easily connected to the app
  • Easy authorization using project code and team selection
  • Fast onboarding in stories
The application is available in
all countries and regions.

We Synchronize More Than 20 Types of Activities

Automatic synchronization with popular trackers: Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, and Polar
  • All entered activities are displayed in a common feed and visible to all project participants
  • Cheating results is not approved and monitored by moderators


Uniting the team around a common idea
  • Target
    It is necessary to fill the progress-bar with the activities of all participants
  • Race
    The team must come first based on the average value of participants' activities
  • Charity
    Converting the received charges for activities in money that will go to charity

Distribution of Participants

  • Teams
    Team formation is possible using any mechanic: randomly, by department, by team captain.
  • Divisions
    When there are too many teams, they need to be combined into divisions, which are groups of commands usually based on territorial or structural characteristics within a company.
  • Ratings
    You can view ratings for divisions, teams, and participants within a specific challenge or for a selected period.


  • General Chat
    The main communication channel in which all participants are located.
  • Team Chats
    A community for team unification and mutual support—you can share successes and support a colleague.
  • Chats Based on Interests
    An excellent opportunity to create a community for different types of activities (running, swimming, volleyball, etc.)
Chat support is also located on this tab. If you have
any questions, we are available 7 days a week.

Reward Store

Platform module in which the participant can spend accumulated charges
  • Corporate merch
  • Sporting goods
  • Individual sets of vitamins
  • Gift certificates
  • Services from partners
  • Services from partners
  • Strengthens the company's HR brand

Content for All Wellbeing Topics

Every day we publish useful health information from leading experts
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness and mental health
  • Health in everyday life
  • Health at work
  • Financial stability

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Every day we publish useful health information from leading experts
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