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Boost Workplace Satisfaction
Promote Health and Wellness
Unite teams

Prioritise Mental

Tactful encouragement

Harnessing the power of nudge theory, Stayf gently and organically inspires employees to embrace physical fitness.
Stayf fuels individual drive while cultivating a sense of unity around a common goal.
Sienna Harper, HR Director
Sports are the catalyst for equilibrium, resilience, and a radiant mood. Our balanced, supportive approach towards goal attainment, the affirmative influence of physical activity on mental health, and our relevant, accessible resources contribute to the daily happiness of Stayf users.

Fostering a
Healthy Team

Real-time Activity Dashboard

Stayf provides users with a comprehensive dashboard featuring both individual and company-wide activity and results.
I appreciate the ability to track personal progress, and that of my peers—the competitive spirit encourages self-improvement, transforming it into a habit.
Heidi Mayer, HR Director
We invest in every team member, encouraging regular exercise, nutritious eating, and sensible recovery. This approach minimises sick leaves, resulting in a healthier, more engaged team that places wellness at the forefront.

Enhancing Team Building and Engagement

Interactive Team Chat

With Stayf, team members can communicate within the app and track each other's progress.
"Stayf cultivates individual motivation and a sense of unity around a collective purpose."
Heidi Mayer, HR Director
Stay fosters unity by setting shared goals, leveraging gamification, and promoting conversations, thus consolidating teams regardless of size. Shared experiences via Stay can expedite internal projects and streamline communication.

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Stayf is engineered to enhance your employees' wellbeing. During the demo, we'll show you how intuitive it is to use.
Max Zhurilo
CEO of Stayf
I was proud to lead is the Social Impact Virtual fitness challenge “Road to Doha”, connecting more than 600 people from the CEMEA region countries to virtually overcome the distance of 5000 km in the teams in 30 days.
Olga Degtyareva
Business Development
Director at Visa

For Businesses

Stayf promotes physical fitness and strengthens employee loyalty, leading to increased productivity and lower turnover.

For Public Sector

We facilitate universal participation in active lifestyles, aiding in the accomplishment of national sports objectives. Stayf's approach fosters a culture of health and fitness, contributing significantly to the overarching public health goals.

For Educational Institutions

We craft a comprehensive sports framework adaptable to any educational program, irrespective of the field of study. Stayf's versatile functionality caters to diverse curriculums, ensuring the promotion of physical fitness and well-being is ingrained in educational journeys across disciplines.

Comprehensive Corporate
Wellbeing Solution

Select a wellness solution from our diverse modules that fits your needs

Engaging Challenges

Stayf infuses vigour into your wellness program through personalised and team-oriented challenges, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.

Interactive Chat

Stayf provides dedicated chat rooms for each team, encouraging mutual motivation and support. A general team chat broadens the scope of interaction and engagement.

Wellness Magazine

Gain access to our Knowledge Magazine, offering pertinent resources to help foster a healthier lifestyle.

Effortless Registration

Our registration process is quick and straightforward, requiring only relevant participant information and team selection.

Integration with Fitness Trackers

Stayf allows seamless connection with all major fitness trackers, ensuring your workouts are logged and synchronised without effort.

Comprehensive Activity Dashboard

Our activity dashboard presents a holistic view of all essential details, including peer activity, news, and performance results, all in one convenient location.

Customize Your Wellness Package

Select a wellness solution from our diverse modules that fits your needs
With Stayf, craft your perfect wellness program tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

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