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Tailored wellbeing solution for progressive workplaces
Cultivating a thriving culture of wellbeing isn't just a goal—it's a necessity for People leaders like you. But how can you seamlessly integrate sport and wellbeing initiatives into your organisation?
Stayf offers a comprehensive solution, combining sport and wellbeing resources into a single, intuitive app. Empower your employees to prioritise their health and wellness while fostering a culture of teamwork and engagement.

Streamline HR Strategies

Say goodbye to competing priorities and hello to streamlined HR strategies. Stayf empowers HR leaders to focus on strategic projects with measurable impact, all while ensuring your workforce remains happy, healthy, and engaged.

Quantifiable Results

Track the success of your HR initiatives with Stayf's built-in analytics. From reducing churn to boosting employee engagement scores, our platform provides the data you need to prove impact and secure buy-in from stakeholders.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

With Stayf, you don't need a bottomless budget to prioritise employee wellbeing. Our cost-effective platform offers unparalleled value, allowing you to deliver on your EVP and drive positive outcomes without breaking the bank.

Empower Your Team

Give your HR team the tools they need to succeed with Stayf. From recruitment and onboarding to fostering a culture of wellbeing, our platform empowers you to deliver results that matter.

Don't let HR challenges hold your organisation back.

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